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Security Officer

Superiors: Head of Security
Difficulty: Hard
Guides: Guide to security, Corporate Regulations, Security Policy, Security Items
Access: Security, Brig, Holding Cells, Courtroom, Maintenance, Weapon Permit
Duties: Protect company assets, follow the Corporate Regulations, respect the crew.
Minimum requirements: Don’t create more problems than you solve. Be a deterrent to chaos and destruction.


Department head:
Head of Security
Security roles

NanoTrasen has developed a state-of-the-art research station, and in the same breath, they signed a clown onto the payroll. It henceforth falls to you to protect the station from threats, real or perceived. Your fundamental role is to ensure crew safety. This may mean putting yourself at risk, but that’s why we wear the badge.

It is important to note that Security is one of the most mechanics-heavy roles on the station and requires a reasonably high degree of proficiency in the game’s basic controls. For this reason, getting a good deal of experience in other roles is suggested before attempting to play as Security, lest you be branded “Shitcurity” – or worse.

The Peacekeeper

As an Officer, your job is to ensure peace. You have been tasked to provide peaceful resolutions. The ability to arrest, protect, and counsel the crew and solve problems comes with great responsibility. Your actions and choices will have consequences. Expect to be judged by everyone, including your peers. Don't forget that you are not alone; always ask for help, even if it's not coming from a fellow Officer. You will get to know your expectations that way. Lastly, review the Security Policy, which details said expectations.

Read, Assess, Act

There is a wide misconception that being part of the security forces means beating people into submission and ruling with an iron fist. This is the farthest possible thing from the truth. As a security member, the station trusts you to be an effective peacekeeping force. Even though Corporate Regulations exist and should be followed, that is not your only job.

Remember that it isn't your job to stick your nose to every action and every conversation; you are better than that. Everyone deserves to be confronted with dignity and respect. You should work with the crew to be less disruptive or avoid fighting. Be the mediator in every conflict. Not all confrontations should lead to an arrest.

Diplomatic solutions are not always possible. Should they fail, you have Security Items available. If faced with a crime scene, secure it and find your leads. Seek assistance from your peers, and involve the Detective when possible. Avoid touching anything that might be potential evidence. Put any potential evidence (or dangerous items) in an evidence bag should it be sent to the brig. If you don't have peers to help you, do not worry! Record your findings to the best of your abilities, and don't give up. The important thing here is not to conclude your investigation too quickly. Sometimes, your findings will lead to a dead end, and that's okay! Not all cases will have a resolution.

Once you find the criminal, take them to the brig for processing. You should try handing them over to the Warden or the Corrections Officer to continue your duties. Do not forget to list your charges. The sentence time should start from when they are apprehended. Treat the criminal with basic decency.

Tools for Peacekeeping

You need to be equipped to conduct your duties. The brig will have most of your equipment necessary to perform. If they are unavailable, check with the Warden for anything to spare. You may need to get your supplies from Cargo.

  • The lockers in the brig will contain your peacekeeping belt and all your essential tools. There are also Security Hud Sunglasses and a flashlight for your disabler.
  • You can attain other equipment from the Equipment vendor. One of the notable ones is the Energy Bola.
  • A Universal recorder can be applicable when conducting an investigation. This can be used as evidence should anyone question your claims.

If you need more information, review Security items and Guide to security.

Communicating Proper Channels

Being a Peacekeeper means you will gain access to the security channel on your radio: ,s

The Chain of Command is as follows. Above you is the Head of Security, and above them is the Captain. You will primarily be operating this chain of command aboard the station. Central Command directs the Captain outside the station, meaning some orders passed down to you may be from CentComm. Should the Head of Security not be present, the Warden can act as your direct supervisor.

Mechanical Minds, Silicon SecOffs

One of your most useful tools is your small friend, Officer Beepsky. Your Sec HUD can be used to set someone’s arrest status on the fly, and for those you can’t see you can call in to the Warden, who can set this status on their console. Once he finds a target, his on-board radio will let you know when he finds the no-good criminal! It cannot be overstated how useful this can be during a manhunt. An extra pair of eyes is nothing to scoff at, so be sure to call in reports of criminals frequently.


There comes a time in every good officer’s life where things go, to put it kindly, tits up. The most important thing is to remember that most situations can be resolved by organization, and that more chaos will simply lead to worse problems down the line. Keeping in contact is more essential than ever when the red alert is raised. It may be worthwhile to establish regular check-ins. Information should be compiled regularly and, where possible, communication to the opposing force should be maintained. In the event that the opposition is actively avoiding diplomacy, then it’s time to raise hell.

The Syndicate

Perhaps NanoTrasen’s most known rival, The Syndicate have a long-standing grudge against NanoTrasen for their actions. These units often work in secret, but occasionally choose to go loud. Be aware that one of their favourite tricks is to punch a hole through our beloved station, as well as it's inhabitants ribcages. No amount of plastic surgery can recover your brain from the fine paste that used to be your skull; in short – use an Explosive Ordinance Disposal (E.O.D.) suit when handling anything that looks like it might turn you into mincemeat. Recovery of NanoTrasen assets is tantamount to a successful anti-operative response. Beware that your silicon intelligences remain unaffected should it come to light that your station has been targeted. Generally speaking, respond to the threat at hand with equivalent force. Someone running around with a lockbreaker and a suspicious looking turtleneck isn't any good reason to break out the lethal weapons from the armory, but responding to a madman mowing down the crew with a heavy machinegun by sprinting at them with a baton is just as likely to get you lynched by the crew as your opposing operative.


Let’s be honest; NanoTrasen isn’t the best company to work for. While most are usually placated by the smooth taste of Vodka and the delicious flavour of Donk Pocket, the working man may one day find that their ongoing labour violations are too much. In this situation, you have one positive thing going for you; by the nature of concession, these folks are the most likely to be willing to hold a conversation. Try to find out what their issue is and to work with them. In the event that they simply wish anarchy upon the station, then it's time to start cracking skulls.

The old adage of “You can’t put us all in Prison” may eventually ring true, if only due to you running out of bullets. Be sure that the Blueshield keeps an extra close eye on the Department Heads during such a turbulent time.

The Cult of Nar’sie

An unconfirmed group, but a worrying one none the less. Keeping track of those in this group of interest will be an essential part of supressing them, in the event that they are present. Cults rely on power by numbers, so attempt to keep their numbers down. Mindshields may or may not work on eldritch magic – our information is unclear, but at any rate there may be another on the station with a more spiritual solution. All that's known for sure, is it's always a good idea to keep their strange knives away from them, and the odd runes they carve from their blood are never a good idea to be around...

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