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Skyrat lore

Skyrat is an HRP-MRP server and we feature our own lore to help players get their footing on the server. The complete lore can be found in the blue box below!

Important: When reading the lore, please understand that the lore is not intended to be a precise encyclopedia that is absolute and all-knowing in how it understands itself, rather it's designed specifically to be flawed and imperfect so as to reflect how we view history and current events in real life. No source is perfect or free from bias, and everything is presented with imperfect information. This allows players to get creative in terms of how lore interacts with their character, as their interpretation hinges on you and how your character is.

Overall, it is not meant to give you pinpoint information, rather it provides you a map of the neighborhood, allowing you to explore it and fill it up with your character's own flaws and biases. It should allow lore to be handled more organically, and it allows for people in-game to have different opinions and views in a way that seems more natural. If you want to play a character that is knowledgeable, you can do so with ease. If you want to play a character that is ignorant and only knows of the world from school, you can do so as well!

This paragraph has been added, because people do not understand what a "rough draft is": Since people keep assuming otherwise, I want to remind you, the reader, that the lore is far from completion. So, please hold off criticism about the lack of "cultural lore". The cultural aspect of lore is something I want to write by talking with the players or even hand off writing to approved players of the species. The main focus right now is writing down the history and the background of the setting for the station, so that it has a more immediate effect for players. I want to add that I'm not even finished on the historical aspect of the lore.

Skyrat lore document.

Rough Draft of Lore Summary Document: Skyrat Basic Foundational Lore Rough Draft - Anything not in this document or linked by this document is not server lore. We have a separate channel for player lore on the discord.

Read The Character Creation Guidelines Here: General Player Policy and Standards