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Station Control and Conflict Management Regulations (Space Law) SCCMR, colloquially known as ‘Corporate Regulations’, is Nanotrasen’s corporate law, it does not apply everywhere besides stations belonging to NT. Whilst Nanotrasen’s own security isn’t present on some frontier stations, Lopland security enforces corporate law.

According to the laws of SolGov, NanoTransen lacks the authority or judicial privileges to execute an individual. Fortunately or perhaps unfortunately, such transgressions are rarely looked into on the frontiers.

SCCMR is not secret. The Head of Security & Centcom Officials have in-depth knowledge of SCCMR. The Captain, Security, Head of Personnel, the Blueshield, the Lawyer(s) and Silicons are encouraged to have above-average knowledge of SCCMR. Everyone not mentioned has layman-level knowledge, apart from Antagonists, who can have as much knowledge on it as they like.

Your primary objective as security and/or antagonist is to create the best roleplay opportunities possible for the server and the biggest net-gain of fun for everyone involved. This is how you actually win at the game.

General Overview

Corporate regulations are a form of cataloguing and classing behavior - criminal or nuisance.


Injunctions are corrective measures to undesirable crew behavior. They can be issued with Misdemeanors and higher punishments in place of or in addition to regular penalties. Plea bargains are common causes for injunctions. Injunctions require a paper copy. The suspect is entitled to a copy, the original must be stored.

Injunction Specifics
Injunctions cannot impact on the suspects current ability to perform their duties.
You MUST demote the suspect(or, contact their relevant head of staff) if the injunction would bar or significantly impair their ability to do their job.
Example: You cannot bar a scientist from entering science; as it would prevent them from performing their Job.

No SEXUAL INJUNCTIONS unless LOOCly consented to by all three parties: Sec, the criminal, and the victim

• Injunctions may not last over an hour.
• Injunctions may not prohibit the suspect from accessing any essential service - such as Medical


• Injunctions listed as a penalty require the arresting Officer's approval to be put in place, as wellas the 'victims'; but may be over-ruled by someone higher in the CoC (Chain Of Command)
• Injunctions not listed as a penalty require approval from the Warden, Head of Security or Captain (or acting).
• An injunction can be taken as a plea bargain and must always have the suspect’s signature. The suspect is entitled to a paper copy.

Crime Tiers

1. Infractions: Generally mild crimes. Punishments are usually a fine, short sentence, or, preferably, an injunction. These require someone to 'press charges', that is, a victim to want to pursue a punishment.

2. Minor Misdemeanours: Crimes that warrant detainment. Sentences are usually ten minutes or a fine. Also require a party to press charges, or, for charges like 'rioting' the captain can press them in lieu of the station at large (does not apply to charges like assault.) Security at expected to break up 2xx charges in-action, then ask respective parties in regards to pressing charges.

3. Major Misdemeanours: Serious crimes that warrant extended detainment. Sentences are usually twenty minutes or work in the labor camp. These don't require a party to press charges.

4. Minor Felonies: Very serious crimes that warrant admittance into general population prison. Usually twenty five minutes or work in the labor camp. No party is required to press-charges.

5. Major Felonies: Exceptional crimes that result in either permanent incarceration until transfer to a secure facility, barring any clarifications made by Special Modifiers.

6. Critical Threat: Crimes that exceed the stations ability, and authority to persecute and charge, met with immediate termination, with the trial to be held off-station.

Crime Stacking

The last number in the crime code, i.e. XX1, XX2, XX3, refer to the type of crime. For each type of crime, you may only charge them with the highest severity offense.

  • You cannot stack them, save for murder. For example, you cannot charge someone with both 201 and 301 as they are the same crime.
    • You must choose the one with the highest severity for that crime type.
  • Furthermore, you cannot charge someone with two counts of assault. So, you cannot do two 201's. The only exception to this is murder.
  • You can only charge people with three or less crimes from the 1xx or 2xx categories at a single time.

Note: For current Contraband laws, see Contraband

Quick Code Reference

Code Infraction 1XX Minor Misdemeanours 2XX Major Misdemeanours 3XX Minor Felony 4XX Major Felony 5XX Critical Threat 6XX
XX1 Battery Assault (ABH) Assault (GBH) Murder Annihilation
XX2 Vandalism Damage to station infrastructure Sabotage Grand Sabotage Terrorism Hostile Non-Typical Lifeform
XX3 Disorderly Conduct Rioting Inciting a riot Mutiny
XX4 Petty theft Theft Robbery Grand Theft Enemy of the Station
XX5 Animal Cruelty Violating an Injunction Assault of an Officer
XX6 Abuse of Equipment Brandishing a Weapon Abuse of Confiscated Equipment*
XX7 Trespassing Narcotics Distribution and Manufacture Grand trespass
XX8 Obstruction of Justice Medical Malpractice Manslaughter Self Destructive Tendencies
XX9 Rubbernecking Escaping Confinement
X10 Creating a Workplace Hazard Unlawful Restraint Unlawful Restraint of an Officer
X11 Insubordination* Eavesdropping Abuse of Executive Powers*
X12 Damage to Cybernetic Units Destruction of a Cybernetic Unit Unlawful tampering with a Cybernetic Unit
X13 Sapient Trafficking Sapient Consumption
X14 Accessory to Crime
X15 Contraband Possesion Based on its tier.
Sentence 5 minutes
500 mining points/250 credits/Injunction
requires a party to press charges
10 minutes
1000 mining points/500 credits/Injunction
requires a party to press charges
20 minutes
2000 mining points/No option to pay damages.
25 minutes
Prisoner may spend it mining if agreed upon
Perma, Execution if violent
Forced Labour Depending on severity
Immediate termination
arrest is no longer necessary for any
"confirmed beyond a doubt" 6xx charge.

The person charged (ala, the criminal) can decide on either a fine, or jail-time for lower tier crimes (1xx, 2xx)

To be charged with Accessory to Crime someone must willingly and knowingly participate in an illegal act. Not reporting a crime is not illegal and it does not constitute Accessory to Crime nor Obstruction of Justice.

For contraband:

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Contraband Table

Note: Any items not on the list are not considered contraband, This contraband guide is meant to highlight tiers, for if you find items on a person during a search. -Not- for if they're -actively using/attacking people with them. Possession is a different charge than it's malicious use, and a person cannot be charged with a "future crime" just because they were caught with something.

Quick Reference

# Non-Contraband
No charge
Confiscate item, 5 minute or 200cr fine
Confiscate item, 5-10 minutes or 500+cr fine
Confiscate item, 10-15 minutes
Confiscate item, 15-20 minutes
Special Contraband
Impossible to remove, judge on a case-by-case basis
01 Chameleon Gear Any Ammo * Melee Weapons Any Firearm (No License) Restricted Firearm * Martial Arts
02 AI Detector Armor Vests * Binary Encryption Key All Illegal Implants * Clown Bomb Any spells
03 Ammo Pouch Contractor Modsuit Butcher Meat Hook Big Syndicate EMP bomb Cult Construct Kit Holoparasite
04 Ancient Jumpsuit Decoy Nuke Disk Briefcase Launchpad Both Emag Cards Elite Syndicate MODsuit Holocarp
05 Ancient Toolbox F.R.A.M.E Codespeak Manual Brainwashing Surgery Disk Nuclear Authentication Disk Syndicate Uplink
06 Clumsiness Injector Flash Combat Defibrillator Bonebang Syndicate Power Sink
07 Chest Rig Non-Prescription Drugs Concealed Weapons Bay C4, and X4 Charges. Power Beacon
08 Deadly Bowler Hat Magitilis Injector EMP Grenades Contractor Baton Romerol
09 Deadly Origami Mulligan Guides to Advanced Mimery Energy Sword Super Ultra Hilarious Firing Pin
10 Dehydrated Space Carp Telecrystals Chameleon Projector Gloves of the North Star Syndicate Bomb
11 Energy Dagger Guerilla Gloves/Any Tackler Non-Lethal Poisons Hacked AI Upload Module Syndicate Minibomb
12 Exploding Hot Potato Slipocalypse Clusterbang Organic Resources Disturber Infiltrator Set Viscerator Delivery Grenade
13 EMP Flashlight Stimpack Radio Jammer Katana Double Energy Sword
14 Extra Bright Moff Lantern Suppressor * Syndicate Encryption Key Lethal Poisons Harmful Virus Samples
15 EZ Clean Grenades Unauthorized Mech * Unauthorized Combat Mech * Modified Syringe Gun Armed Mech *
16 Syndicate Paper Plane Ultra Hilarious Firing Pin Throwing Stars, Bolas Powerfist
17 Haunted Magic 8-Ball Voice-Muffling Balaclava Disablers, Tasers Reagent Dartgun Buzzkill Grenades
18 Holster, by itself Jaws of Life / Prybar * Riot Darts Syndicate MODsuit
19 Pizza Bomb Rapid Construction Device Reverse Beartrap Syndicate Helmet
20 No-Slip Shoes Pepperspray, Flashbang Unauthorised Combat Implant * Energy Shield
21 Radioactive Microlaser Telescopic Baton Gorilla Cubes Heretic Blades
22 Rapid Banana Pie Cannon Stunprod Hard Drugs * Wizard Items
23 Sleepy Pen Teleprod Thermal Imaging Glasses Basic Explosives. C4/X4/Grenades
24 Smuggler Satchel Camera Bug Kinetic Pressure Mod
25 Traitor Bug/Suspicious Device Handcuffs/Advanced Restraints Reverse Revolver
26 Syndicate Balloon Unauthorised Combat Mutation * Sentry Gun Kit
27 Syndicate Cash Briefcase Black Market Uplink Hard Drug Stockpile *
28 Syndicate Playing Cards Syndicate Tome Brass Sword/Spear/Hammer
29 Syndicate Smokes Brass Bow/Rifle
30 Syndicate Soap Energy Crossbow
31 Syndicate Surgery Bag / Toolbox
32 Recreational Drugs *
33 Agent ID

Usage Notes

  • Any weapon being brandished or misused can be considered mid-level contraband
  • Certain items would be considered contraband after being seen in use. Those are marked with their respective grade colour.
  • It is not contraband if the person with the item is intended to have it, obviously. For example, you can't charge a security officer for having a disabler, nor inherently can you charge a virologist for having a sample of a harmful virus.
  • Do not stack charges unless marked. You are only allowed to apply one contraband charge, of the highest tier item you find.
  • For authorizing the use of contraband, see here.
  • Calls to arm the crew automatically waive contraband laws regarding firearms and melee weapons of high-level or lower.
  • Miners are permitted to use weapons off-station freely while mining, but cannot have them drawn on station and must keep them non-visible whenever possible.
  • Remember to gauge intent if possible. A firearm loaded with non-lethal ammunition could (and likely should) be considered lower contraband than one which is loaded lethally. Levels of contraband can be raised or lowered for specific cases, though use this in good faith.

Exemptions and specific details

  • Restricted Firearm - Any firearm from companies not apart of the stations current trade-partnership-program(This applies, specifically, to the following companies):
    • Scarborough, (syndicate)
    • "✌︎︎♌︎︎♎︎︎◆︎︎♍︎︎⧫︎︎❄︎♏︎♍︎♒︎", (abductors)
    • Elsewise, with previously present identifying markings removed. (Assops, it's in a grey font)
  • Ammunition - Anyone with a weapons license is exempt, naturally.
  • Suppressor - Anyone with a weapons permit is exempt.
  • Armor Vests - Only applicable if worn while committing a 2xx or above crime.
  • Unauthorised Combat Mutation - Any 'combat' (shock touch / Cryokinesis / Hulk ) mutation without express permission from a geneticist/RD or elsewise, a permit.
  • Unauthorised Combat Implant - Any 'combat implant' (reviver, thermal eyes, x-ray eyes, mantis blade, no drop, CNS rebooter/jumpstarter, wall penetrating ears) without permission from the RD/Roboticist, or elsewise, a permit
  • Flashes - Heads of staff and roboticists are exempt.
  • Jaws of Life / Prybar - Engineers, atmos techs, and the CE are naturally exempt, as well as paramedics.
  • Recreational Drugs - Space drugs and anything of similar effect
  • Non-Prescription Drugs - Mindbreaker toxin or other chems which do not have lasting or damaging effects. A prescription signed by medical staff can waive this.
  • Hard Drugs Cocaine, meth, krokodil, or anything on the same level that can cause significant harm to users. A signed and stamped prescription from the CMO alone can authorise small volumes of these to be carried.
  • Any Firearm (without a license)Space explorers may have weapons, if they have a license. Charges can be lowered to mid- or low-level contraband considering the circumstances involved. Be careful not to equate a double-barrelled shotgun with some beanbags to a Bulldog with a mag of lethals.
  • Hard Drug Stockpile - Large quantities of hard drugs. Any excess that would not fit in a single pill bottle may be considered here, or in a single regular box for things like cocaine.
  • Syndicate Uplink An incredibly high-value item that should not be toyed around with. Any device with access to the Syndicate black market must be handled with the utmost care. Under no circumstances should security officers be purchasing things from this.
  • Illegal Implants - Any and all implants that are /not/ printable on-station, ex: freedom-implant.
  • Unauthorized Mech - Any of the 'civilian mechs,' (Clarke, Ripley, Odysseus) created without permission of a head of staff, that does not have weaponry attached.
  • Unauthorized Combat Mech - Durands, Gygaxs, Sierra Ivanov, Phazon mechs. Elsewise any civilian mech fitted with lethal, or non-lethal weaponry, without permission from the RD.
  • Armed Mech - Any combat mech fitted with designated weapons, be they lethal, or non-lethal, without permission from the HOS / RD.

Skyrat policies

Detailed Crime Information.


Battery - 101

To use physical force against someone without intent to seriously injure the target.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Repeated attempts at disarming (more than 3), tabling, non-lethal chokeholds, minor punching (less than four), smashing bottles on heads, and stunning are all considered battery. For serious harm, see Assault.

OOC Notes: This is meant to punish people for spamshoving/shittery; Consent is however, key here. Dont punish two people for battery for fighting in the corridors consensually - charge them with disorderly conduct. It's honestly up to you if you want them to pay the fine for a second offence, just don't let a rich person commit ten acts of battery over time and just keep paying the fines.

Vandalism- 102

Any willful behavior aimed at destroying, altering, or defacing property belonging to another.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Smashing windows, smashing random vending machines and spray painting or just vandalising rooms and hallways in general.

Disorderly Conduct - 103

To be intentionally and publicly belligerent, offensive or in general - a nuisance.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Spamming offensive racial terms over common, slurs included - being a general nuisance, screaming down your microphone.

OOC Notes: This is meant to allow sec to fine people for spamming 'Ligger' and other offensive terms over comms, in public, ecetera, or just being a general nuisance to the station

Petty Theft - 104

To take items from areas one lacks access to, or to take items belonging to others or the station as a whole.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Keeping items which are in short supply where they belong is what is important here. A doctor who takes all the surgical tools and hides them is guilty of Petty Theft. For more serious cases, see Theft or Robbery

OOC Notes: Don't abuse this to brig an assistant for taking spare cable coils; use it to punish hoarders (hardsuits, medical supplies ecetera)

Animal Cruelty - 105

To Inhumanely injure, torture or otherwise abuse animals.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This crime exists for the CMO randomly killing runtime in their office; Not to punish chefs who kill monkeys or Pete in their back fridge; Take into consideration the intent - does it align with their job?

OOC Notes: This is ideally meant to punish people who randomly kill station pets.

Abuse of Equipment - 106

To utilize security/non-lethal equipment in an illegitimate fashion.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
The use of disabling devices, such as Flashes, Batons, Tasers/Disablers, and non-lethal rounds, outside the range of one's assigned duties. This should cover non-sec using items i.e. greytide with a flash randomly flashing people

OOC Notes: Try and go for people abusing things in a way that's actually harmful.

Trespassing - 107

To be in an area which a person lacks authorized ID access for. This counts for general areas of the station.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Remember that people can break in, sneak in, or be let in. Always check that the suspect wasn't let in, or was otherwise given access. Trespass and Theft are often committed together; both sentences should be applied. For restricted areas, see Major Trespass.

OOC Notes: Needs to be clear that this is for trespassing only i.e. the door was open, the AI let them in, or they followed someone in.

Obstruction of Justice - 108

An act that corruptly or by threats or force, or by any threatening letter or communication, influences, obstructs, or impedes, or endeavors to influence, obstruct, or impede, the due administration of justice.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
While similar to Accessory, this charge is for situations such as destruction of evidence, stopping or frustrating officers while in pursuit of suspects and similar.

Rubbernecking - 109

Observing a scene of an accident, crime or emergency in an unduly manner.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
The security department is not immune from rubbernecking, as not every engineering or medical emergency requires their presence. The first professional responder at the site of the emergency takes full authority on who is allowed to be present, with their supervisor being able to replace that authority at any time. Obstructing an arrest is included in this.

OOC Notes: Use this to disperse an undue crowd that may end up interfering with security operations; or in general, use it to get people to back off on a threat of being fined - Don't abuse this to instantly baton somebody the second you see them enter a crime scene.

Creating a Workplace Hazard - 110

To endanger the crew or station through negligent or irresponsible, but not deliberately malicious, actions.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Good examples of this crime involves accidentally causing a small gas leak, slipping hazard, accidently electrifying doors, breaking windows to space, or Security personnel not keeping their equipment secure.

Insubordination - 111

To refuse a lawful, reasonable order from a superior member of staff; relevant Head of Staff or otherwise.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
To deliberately ignore, mal-interpret (maliciously perform) or in general refute your head of staffs or relevant superiors orders. Resisting demotion is considered Insubordination.

OOC Notes: This is to punish people deliberately disobeying orders; that is, if they are lawful orders. You cannot charge someone with Insub for refusing to follow an unlawful order.

Minor Misdemeanourss

Assault (Actual Bodily Harm) - 201

To use excessive physical force against someone without the apparent intent to kill them.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This is for anything above battery, and below grevious bodily harm. Defined as causing injuries that are detrimental to one's health. Breaking someone's leg in a manner that is recoverable is ABH. Severring a leg is GBH. Keep in mind the advances in medical technology make previously dehabilitating injuries less so. Soft critical condition comes under ABH. Hard critical condition under GBH.

OOC Notes: You will almost never require medical reparations be paid, because healthcare is almost always free. Yes, in real life, crippling a leg is grievous bodily harm. But it's the future, and we can fix this surprisingly easy and fast.

Damage to Station Infrastructure - 202

To deliberately damage the station or station property to a moderate degree.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Destroying random airlocks and/or firelocks, smashing departamental machinery and shocking an airlock door in a hacking attempt are all examples of where these laws apply.

OOC Notes: This is mostly meant to protect the station from greytiders breaking in everywhere; such as, people hacking doors. While not sabotage, is damage to station infrastructure.

Rioting - 203

To engage or encourage riotous behaviour among yourself and fellow crewmates.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
People screaming for riots over the radio are not to be charged with this; refer to 'Inciting A Riot Instead'; this is for people who actually engage in riotous behaviour - bashing windows, unlawfully protesting, assaulting officers.

OOC Notes: Think about this carefully; are they a ringleader or someone swept up in the excitement of the riot? Charge accordingly.

Theft - 204

To hinder the crew via theft of station assets in a way that results in a detrimental outcome.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This exclusively covers things like hoarding engi hardsuits and extremely important viral vaccines during an outbreak or engine delamination. This is theft that is directly leading to the endangerment of the entire crew (versus grand theft; the theft of high priority items)

OOC Notes: This is entirely in place to punish hoarders who hoard hardsuits during a dangerous delamination that could potentially end the round (tesloose SM)

Violating an Injunction - 205

To refuse to follow an injunction.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Charge people for this if they violate the terms of their injunction; Make sure to give them the benefit of the doubt where possible - An accidental encounter with someone is not violating a restraining order.

OOC Notes: Used to punish people who deliberately go out of their way to void their injunction.

Brandishing a Weapon - 206

To wield a weapon in a threatening manner, without a reason that can be elsewise justified under regulations.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This is for people who, without a permit, are walking around with a variation of weapon inhand, without a justifying reason, or elsewise, for people with permits, pointing a gun, knife, or elsewise at people in threatening manner, without directly harming them.

OOC Notes: Try to be moderate in your use of this; ala, don't go flinging it onto people because they have a plastic knife in the hall.

Narcotics Distribution and Manufacture - 207

To distribute and/or manufacture narcotics and other controlled substances. For further information reference with the Contraband Table.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Forcing or tricking someone to consume illicit or harmful substances, such as space drugs, is Assault. For non-distributed drugs used for recreation, see Drug Possession.

OOC Notes: This exists to hopefully help curtail botany distributing plants filled with mindbreaker, spacetoxin, mushroom hallucinogenic. Use it to curtail druglords; not somebody selling medicinal apples.

Medical Malpractice - 208

To unethically operate, treat or otherwise injure a patient; or reveal private information.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Practising medicine as a doctor on a patient without their consent or otherwise betraying the trust of the patient. Denying medical treatment to someone in need as a doctor. A psychiatrist/psychotherapist may evaluate and issue a documented veto on anybody's ability to consent to treatment.

OOC Notes: This exists to stop doctors from forcefully applying chloral hydrate to people who do not consent to treatment; and in general exists as an IC shield against shittery.

Unlawful Restraint - 210

To unlawfully restain and hold a person without their consent; or lawful reasoning.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Unlawful Restraint can apply both to crewmates who have kidnapped another or security who is holding someone without any charges past the allowed limit.

OOC Notes: Use this in good faith. Simply being dragged away with no bindings is not being unlaufully restrained.

Eavesdropping - 211

To listen into private security, command or central command communications without proper authorisation.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
To listen in upon Security, Command OR CC Chatter.

OOC Notes: This is used to punish people for stealing and using encryption keys with MALICIOUS intent. Intent is key here; You do not brig someone for taking the captains headset after they had died mysteriously in maint to report it over loud-voice.

Damage to Cybernetic Units - 212

to use excessive force against a Cyborg, AI Core or AI shell without the apparent intention to destroy it.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
OOC Notes: This is for anything above a few hits, and below destruction. Flashing, tipping or locking a borg/shell does not constitute damaging it and should be treated as using non-lethal tools on normal crew.

Major Misdemeanourss

Aggravated Assault (Grevious Bodily Harm) - 301

To use excessive physical force resulting in severe or life-threatening harm
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Defined as causing injuries that are severely detrimental to someone's health. A detachment of limb, entering hard critical condition. Extreme psychological scarring can count, but must be diagnosed by a doctor of psychology.

Sabotage - 302

To damage or destroy a notable amount of station assets.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This is reserved for high amounts of destruction to a limited area. For example, contained plasmafloods. It can also be used for low amounts of destruction to a large area. Siphoning the entire central primary hallway to a vacuum would be sabotage. A syndicate bomb and power sink come under here, unless the bomb destroys the AI or is placed in the Supermatter Engine. Intentionally disabling the gravity generator or disabling power for entire departments come under sabotage.

OOC Notes: Practically, this is usually for bombings that don't fit under terrorism, or aren't big enough to be considered that severe of a crime.

Inciting a Riot - 303

Deliberately inciting riotous behaviour among crewmembers.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
This is only used to punish ringleaders of the riots; the people who initially provoke and maintain the burning fire of rage within the mob.

OOC Notes: Use this to punish ringleaders versus random people involved in the riot; intent is important once more.

Robbery - 304

To steal items from another's person via force or other forms of coercion such as threats
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Charge people with this for highway robbery - holding people at gunpoint/knifepoint, stealing their stuff and then letting them go; in more extreme cases, default to theft.

OOC Notes: Used to punish people for threatening others into giving up valuable gear; bar life-saving situations.

Assault of an Officer - 305

To cause serious but non-life threatening harm to a member of Command or Security. For disarming, grabbing, or stunning an officer during an arrest, see Resisting Arrest or Obstruction of Justice. Battery, Assault, and Aggravated Assault do not stack with this charge.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Use this for being hit with a toolbox or fire-extinguisher or the equivalent multiple times - things that will severely harm and injure you; but not pose a life-threatening risk.

OOC Notes: Use this to punish people assaulting you with any weapon that does trauma; brute or burn or otherwise - specifically aimed at those who initiate the attack on an officer or member of command, for using force to resist arrest see the Violently Resisting Arrest modifier. Keep in mind what was used though; Fists and shoves are not assault, merely batterly

Abuse of Confiscated Equipment - 306

To take and use equipment confiscated as evidence outside of dire emergencies where no alternatives are present.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Evidence is not to be used for anything but evidence with the exception of the Syndicate Encryption Key. Anything used in a crime is considered evidence, this includes everything from tools, to guns, to emags. For general abuse of security equipment, see Abuse of Equipment.

OOC Notes: This should be ahelped if anyone gets charged with it; using evidence is against server rules due to powergaming policy. This does not count as a rulebreak if an officer picks up a dropped gun in the middle of the firefight; and uses it to save their own life

Grand Trespass - 307

Being in a restricted area without prior authorization. This includes Security areas, Command areas (including EVA), the Engine Room, Atmos, or Toxins Research, Vault, and AI Core.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Intent is very important here; was it an accident or a deliberate trespass, did they break and enter in? All of this should be considered - their job especially. An engineer breaking and entering to trespass in the AI core should be treated as a malicious action; but if an assistant gets wormholed in, it should be treated as an accident without brig time. A door being left open, the AI letting them in, or they followed behind someone is still considered trespassing. There are some extenuating circumstances to this. A station engineer breaking into the vault to get an ore silo log to re-link protolathes if command staff are ignoring them for 10+ minutes and the silicons are refusing to open up or ignoring them, just ignore it. An engineer breaking into atmospherics to get an atmos hardsuit to fix a delaminating supermatter engine is just perfectly fine.

OOC Notes: Intent is extremely important here; and the circumstances behind it. Don't punish people for the incompetence of command staff or saving the station.

Manslaughter - 308

To cause death to a person via deliberate attack or excessive negligence, without any intent to kill.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Any effort to prevent the resuscitation or cloning of the victim raises this to Murder. If any evidence of intent exists, see Murder.

OOC Notes: Use this to punish accidental, or elsewise, unintentional killings, for example: a short fight where someone dies after being hit with rubber-bullets without intent for them to actually be killed. IT IS IMPORTANT TO NOTE: There should be some reason, or elsewise, a believable story to justify it being 'unintentional,' or elsewise, rendered aid post-crit/death without any other evidence of 'intent to kill.' (see: Epi-penning them, etc).

Escaping Confinement - 309

Breaking out of imprisonment or attempting to break others out of confinement.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
You cannot execute someone for escape attempts, unless those attempts result in a crime that would warrant such punishment. If you cannot contain someone, there's a modifier specifically for this, in which you are allowed an execution.

OOC Notes: Arm blades that can pry open airlocks? Unless they consent to being left in a room with just walls (oblige this request), you can execute. If they can ventcrawl, offer them imprisonment in an environment with no vents, or execution. Pretty simple stuff to extrapolate. Don't forget to offer cyborgification as an option.

Unlawful Restraint of an Officer - 310

To unlawfully detain and hold a member of Security, Command or Emergency Response Teams without their consent; or lawful reasoning.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.

Abuse of Executive Powers - 311

To over-reach your executive powers as a head of staff.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
Excessive acts beyond the designated profession, active disrespect of the command chain or excessive amassing of power. To simplify; over-exercising your power as a head of staff to distribute orders to those you are not in control of; or attempting to give illicit orders.

OOC Notes: This exists as a method for security to counter heads of staff abusing their power - for example - the HoP giving somebody all access; or a weapons permit without the HoS's permission - or relative head of staff.

Destruction of a Cybernetic Unit - 312

To use excessive force against a cyborg, AI core or AI shell with the intention to cause death.
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
OOC Notes: This is for anything that kills or destroys a borg, AI shell or AI core, detonating them without explicit orders from the Research Director or Captain falls under this.

Sapient Trafficking - 313

To move a sapient-being employed upon the station, from a location to another, to be held there or elsewise, against their will..
Back to Quick Criminal Code Reference.
OOC Notes: Use this as an elevated version of unlawful restraint, for contractors kidnapping targets to send away, heretics sacrificing people, or else-wise people getting kidnapped in general.

Minor Felonies

Grand Sabotage - 402

To cause mass destruction and/or intentionally cause the delamination of a supermatter crystal, or to cause an unlawful permanent destruction of an Artificial Intelligence.
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See sabotage for causing a delamination through gross incompetence. The supermatter part only applies if it either delimates, or the sabotage is actually severe and not just three un-wrenched pipes. Putting X4 on the crystal chamber would fit this crime. Destroying multiple large rooms, or a large portion of a department would count as grand sabotage. This usually would require a maximum capacity bomb in the perfect spot, or one and a half in less optimal spots. Mass plasmaflooding also applies.

OOC Notes: The big difference between sabotage and grand sabotage is how expensive the damages are. The Supermatter Crystal is extremely expensive. A bunch of hallways aren't.

Grand Theft - 404

To steal items of extreme value, or top secret information and/or documents.
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Stealing top secret documents, 25+ research nodes, the Captain's antique laser gun, the nuclear authentication disk, nuclear bomb core, the station blueprints, and any part of the supermatter crystal. For things like door remotes and ID cards, see theft.

OOC Notes: This is not solely for stealing "antag objectives".

Self Destructive Tendencies - 408

for any person, crewmember, or elsewise, who has shown rampant disregard for ones self, to an outright destructive degree.
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Constantly endangering yourself, command or non-combat crew throwing themselves into hostage situations and trying to escalate it, engineers killing themselves multiple times trying to hack the same machine without insuls, and comparable forms of recklessly endangering yourself. The Psychiatrist / CMO should be called to give an evaluation after the charge is codefied

OOC Notes: This should be used in good faith; if someone accidently knocks a vending machine on themselves, you shouldn't be trying to push this.".

Unlawful tampering with a Cybernetic Unit - 412

To alter or modify the laws of an Artificial Intelligence or Cybernetic unit without clear and explicit authorisation from the Research Director or Captain.
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OOC Notes: Changing the laws of an AI or a Borg either through it's respective console or during the construction of the shell is unlawful tampering unless there is clear permission from the Research Director or it is done during a state of emergency caused by a Rogue AI. Remember, roboticists have the permission to construct borgs, not tamper with their laws.

Sapient Consumption - 413

To eat, prepare, or elsewise, possess already prepared, or 'cooked' meat/flesh from a typically sapient species.
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OOC Notes: This is used to charge people/chefs who serve up 'human/teshari/tajaran/lizard/etc' meat, or elsewise, people trying to eat deepfried arms and etc. THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO VORE, IF EVER ADDED that should go without saying.

Major Felonies


All of these crimes usually warrant permanent incarceration upon the person being found; doubly so if they resist. These crimes usually don't require direct witnesses and confirmation to charge for. This means, however, you should ideally have 'confirmation' of the crime before trying to use these.

Murder - 501

(Unjustified) To use excessive physical force with intention to cause death in a situation that doesn't warrant it (self-defense doesn't apply.)
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If aid was rendered to the victim by the perpetrator afterwards, this may actually be Manslaughter. For attempted murder, use Assault GBH (301).

OOC Notes: This only counts as murder if the victim died due to a direct result of their actions; with no attempt made to aid them during their final moments. Intent is extremely important here, it can be the difference between manslaughter and murder. Unfortunately, unlike Dungeons & Dragon, you can't shoot someone in the face with buckshot non-lethally, and else-wise, it's meant to be a slightly-grey area to allow people some lee-way with 'going a bit far.'

Terrorism - 502

To create mass-destruction and/or terror for a political, racial, ideological or religious cause.
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This is specifically and only for what it is defined for. This is for terrorism, which under its definition, requires political, racial, ideological or religious motivation. Without it, it's something else. You may charge multiple cases of murder as multiple cases of murder, not terrorism.

OOC Notes: If a perpetrator opportunistically released a bomb, killing four security officers, because they're chasing the perpetrator down for mugging someone, it isn't terrorism. Seriously.

Unjustified Mutiny - 503

To act individually, or as a group, to overthrow or subvert the established Chain of Command without lawful and legitimate cause.
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Mutiny is not as clear cut as it may seem, there may be a legitimate reason for their actions, such as their head of staff being utterly incompetent. Application of this crime should always be reviewed by a third party. If the perpetrator's actions are for the betterment of Nanotrasen, or the station as a whole, consider a lesser sentence, pardon, or promotion.

OOC Notes: Use this to punish people who are wrongfully and randomly trying to incite mutinies. Dont punish people who had a legitimate reason for a mutiny (such as the captain ordering nuke-codes constantly). You'll probably never use this unless a revolution round somehow rolls.

Enemy Of The Station - 504

Any entity, person or otherwise object that would pose a significant threat to the station, its crew in any way, shape or capacity; Read the notes for further information
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Any entity, person or otherwise object that would pose a significant threat to the station, its crew in any way, shape or capacity. Actions that may earn someone the charge of EotS include but are not limited to: sabotaging the Super Matter Crystal or HFR, sabotaging distro, attempting to detonate the on board self-destruct mechanism, the release of highly contagious and deadly viruses, the murder of 8 or more crew members and so forth. Nuclear operatives that declare war are by default declared enemies of the station

Critical Threat


These are the 'biggest bad' charges, if you try to levy using these on a crewmember, you should be well-aware beyond a doubt that the crime was committed, evidence and all.

Annihilation - 601

Complete destruction of the victim, where they are completely unrecoverable. This is only punishable with the loss of the victim’s brain.
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This is your bread and butter for serial bombers; if they end up killing someone past the point of revival, or elsewise, destroy a body, this is the go-to. To specify; This crime is only applied on instances where a victim cannot be revived because they have been destroyed. This does not count towards DNR people.

OOC Notes: Use this to punish people who have been round removing via throwing brains into lava, space or otherwise destroying bodies. The HoS should be one declaring a 601.

Hostile Non-Typical Lifeform - 602

An external, or internal threat to the station, not counted among the typical races and species employed by Nanotrasen, or her sister companies. Examples include: Xenomorphs, Cortical Parasites, and elsewise, currently unidentified hostile lifeforms.
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The clarification is 'hostile', so-to-say, stuff that will be hostile (xenos, spiders, spacedragons, etc) or stuff that isn't typically hostile, but is currently (a magicarp yeeting fireballs down the mainhall.) Use your best judgement.

OOC Notes:- And best faith. This is your trump-card against present xenomorphs, blobs, changelings, borers, or elsewise, to immediately get the ball-rolling for a code-red, and prevent chicanery like 'peaceful xenos.' The HoS should be one declaring a 602, or a station announcement (blob, etc).

Special Situations and Modifiers

Situation Notes Modifier
Violently Resisting Arrest This refers to the prisoner battering and/or assaulting others in their attempts to resist arrest. Trying to to crawl away once being batoned is not considered "violently resisting arrest", nor is running. Adds 10 minutes if the person being arrested engaged in assault of higher while resisting arrest
Non-Violently Resisting Arrest Breaking free of cuffs and attempting to escape without harming anyone. Harm in this instance is defined by causing them damage. Shoving that deals no brute damage is not considered harmful thus isn't considered violent. Adds 2 minutes if the person being detained ran away or engaged in battery while resisting arrest
Station-Wide Threat If the prison is breached, lock the prisoners in a room that isn’t venting. If a tesloose or singuloose is approaching, evacuate the prison and take the prisoners towards a safe location. If the prisoner cannot reliably be kept in custody whilst transporting them away from imminent danger of death, consider paroling them. Relocate the prisoner to a safe location, even if it risks them escaping, if the prison is under threat. During Delta-level threats, prisoners can be pardoned.
Cooperation with Prosecution and/or Security Being helpful towards security by confessing conspirators, revealing other suspects and supplying information of value, such as revealing hostile agents. A decrease of up to 50% of sentence time or an instant release depending on the situation. In some cases, the suspect should be given protective custody.
Self Defense Suspects who are defending themselves or others from attack and are forced to retaliate and respond with proportionate force are to be excused. This does not excuse from grossly disproportionate responses. Someone punching you once does not warrant turning around and blasting their face with a pulse rifle. Instant release.
Deconversion This pertains to any instance where the suspect was brainwashed or otherwise was not in control of their mind. Instant release and expungement of any crimes committed whilst under converted.
Incapable of Secure Confinement This refers to hostile creatures that have the ability to teleport outside of confinement, pry out of containment with ease or cannot be contained at all. Being stronger than usual and being able to snap the chains between handcuffs does not count as "incapable of secure confinement", don't toy with this. You may push for execution if the suspect is violent and cannot be contained. If the suspect is non-violent, contact Central Command for a verdict. (OOC: This is a protection from over-zealous security players who are incapable of acting in good-faith.)
Unregistered personnel Traders, P-T Crew coming to exchange goods or similar are considered visitors of the station and should not be arrested unless they break other laws. Use this Modifier in good faith Any non-visitor of the station must be part of the crew manifest, not being declared on it is met with detainment and holding until crew transfer, this does /not/ mean to leave them dead.
Non-Government EntityAffiliated Populations This refers to populations, people, or else-wise that do not preside or bare affiliation with Solgov, the NRI, or the CIN, or station affiliated parties (NT, FTU, etc).--

(OOC: This applies primarily to DS2, ashwalkers, icewalkers, golems, etc.) (OOC: It's not a license to self-antag, either.)

Corporate Regulations doesn't extend it's protection to people outside the jurisdiction of respected governmental entities, that is, perceived crimes against them cannot be charged for under corp regs.

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